The guy subsequent entrusts Yuma that have a cards who permit them to help you profit the brand new Duel

The guy subsequent entrusts Yuma that have a cards who permit them to help you profit the brand new Duel

Yet not, the guy has specific honor, as he returned Bronk’s Patio on dropping to help you Yuma as he guaranteed and you can staying all Porches he would stolen regarding individuals entirely undamaged. [17] 1st defeat so you’re able to Yuma features humbled him in a manner that he is no longer very horrible to those, once the found as he efficiency Yuma’s pendant just after effective a keen Ante Duel on it at stake. [13] The guy also seems to lay so much more trust into the ties and you will friendship, revealed by the his readiness to form a group which have Yuma throughout new Mark Duel which have Scorch and Chills. [19] Shark also tries to conserve Emperor’s Secret out-of Kite Tenjo and you may Orbital 7 when it is stolen, clearly stating that he observes Yuma since their friend. In the Duel having Kite, Shark recalls Yuma, and therefore Yuma couldn’t stop. [20]

Shark’s relationship having Yuma and additionally helped him into the handling the “Numbers” notes. Whenever “Matter 17: Leviathan Dragon” was available in contact with your, they with ease got hold of him. [1] not, he had been capable fight-off new influence off “Shark Drake” due to their thread with Yuma, and work out your the first identified person to have the ability to fighting the latest influence of your own “Numbers” without a different sort of item otherwise strength. Despite to be able to initial combat the brand new determine, Vetrix mentioned that it performed infect your and it surely will enhance their darkness as a result of their need to capture payback up against Quattro. [21] not, once good Duel which have Yuma, and you may watching his bumbling antics, the fresh new dark had vanished. [18]

But not, immediately after acknowledging their destiny just like the a good Barian, the guy then followed his cold identity once again, stating that fate received your and you can Yuma with her to battle up against each other

Struggling to consider serenity once the an alternative despite their relationships having Astral and Yuma, the guy attacked Planet toward other Barian Emperors. He could be proven to operate high-pressure when Dueling, once the found during his Duel that have Quattro. Putting himself completely with the his Barian image, the guy incited his opponent’s outrage, attempting to feel hated and you can aiming to generate one another himself and you will Quattro forget his day once the “Reginald”. [6] Yet not, it was shown he had been doing so to safeguard people of your Barian Business. Together with when Girag appeared to be in danger, Nash instantly tried to save your, exhibiting the guy cares for almost all, if not completely of one’s Barian Emperors (with the visible exclusion out-of Vector). [22] He even bust towards rips on witnessing Dumon’s passing. [23] The guy together with conveys depression within Mizar’s dying. [24]

Within his finally duel against Yuma and you will Astral, Nash is actually proven to be sadness-impacted for having didn’t include the newest Barian Emperors and having failed to make their fantasy become a reality. The guy reaffirms their promise to store new Barian Globe with the spirits at the his side and you will turned many wanting to beat Yuma and you may Astral as they proceeded to exist his every violence, culminating in the him following good crazed term within their latest replace. He had been in addition to substantially distraught when they in the long run was able to destroy “CXyz Barian Pledge”. Nonetheless, the guy came back back to their amicable worry about shortly after dropping so you can Yuma and being restored from the Numeron Password.

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During their Duel up against Quattro worldwide Duel Festival, Shark merges their soul with his “Number”, wearing the capacity to carry out A mess Xyz Progression having “Matter 32: Shark Drake”, acquiring a red feeling likewise. [25] [26] Following Duel against Vector, Shark gained the ability to discover Astral. [27] He is and capable fighting new “Numbers” influence immediately after regular coverage, don’t feeling the results even out-of an effective “A mess Number”. [12] [28]

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