But there are several lovely guys out there for you which happen to be muslim

But there are several lovely guys out there for you which happen to be muslim

Salvira, if perhaps you were romantic at all before wedding, or if you invested opportunity by yourself, then you committed a sin. But that doesn’t change the status of one’s marriage. Just generate tawbah for sins your committed in the past.

Would it be haraam to fall in love with somebody of one’s own sex because i occur to know a woman whom i really like

I just planned to query this matter I got for some time. thus umm.. i am family with this man i have have a crush on since sixth level and that I love him would it be Haram or Halal having some guy friend or a crush on your own man best friend? And is also they haram or halal for a female to own multiple chap friends and is also they fine if she hangs down together and her girlfriends on? Be sure to inform me.

Regarding this matter, having a crush on anybody while nonetheless like your, it is far from strongly recommend should you decide continue to do very (liking him). If your crush just isn’t leading one to the purpose they disturbs lifetime and studies, it’s still fine. You can however hints your you want him so he would notice you (*cough* *cough* senpai! *cough*) but until it brings you a couple of becoming a product, it’s a no-no. In Islam, there’s no term such as for example couples, date and girl.

To respond to your next question, you will get multiple guyfriends and hang out with these people together with your girlfriends assuming that it click this link now generally does not lead your into starting zina (or online dating) and immoral things that actually Allah S.W.T forbades us to-be involved in to begin with.

We have holded palms with men not knowing it had been haram best ways to lose this sin

I’m actually bad because I am only 12 and I also outdated a boy for about four weeks privately and then sooner or later my sibling realized, but I found myself truly pleased with your but we never ever noticed eachother it was merely online he existed a long way away..and i dont pray because i wasnt increased that way to pray but i am lebenese/arabic and I also do not understand what to-do

It may sound as you only need family. Just forget about “dating” somebody online. Make some close, authentic buddies in actual life. Additionally, just be sure to discover the prayers and carry out them. It’ll improve your lifestyle.

Be sure to let me know could it possibly be haram or perhaps not state the facts I have the essential lovely bf on earth since I have yas 6 yrs old and each night iam sobbing influence idk when it’s right or no

Could it possibly be haram basically spend time using my buddy and his family i am a girl and I also furthermore hang out with girls and boys collectively but we don’t touch both

I don’t know what to do like today I have discovered creating a sweetheart in islam try haram but We informed my personal bf it is haram the guy does not tune in the guy drinks and smokes aswell can u help me here

Hey Ayesha. Whether your date won’t comprehend or proper care next only allow him. If he isn’t muslim you can’t wed him unless the guy transfers and in case he drinks and smokes I then do not think he’ll. Really don’t see dating without being actual haram which means you’re not-being pgysical you’re great.

Trust me. You will find a sweetheart and from now on regretting they. It’s like promoting the heart. he’ll own you and if you love see angry at him or yell at your Allah swt will penalize you for it. I’m not sure it is the worst! Please remain near to your parents until its halal.

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